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I am dedicated to helping UK charities and can provide web hosting to charity & non-profit websites completely free of charge.

If you’re a charity, I can offer you free web hosting. The hosting will remain free for as long as you are a registered charity. All you need to do is fill in the form below to tell me a little about your charity and what sort of scale of hosting you need. Don’t forget to include your registered UK charity number too.

What you get in a Charity website for free

  • 1 Hosted Website. (For as long as you are a registered charity).
  • Up to 5 Email Addresses.
  • 10GB Storage.
  • 150GB Bandwidth.


The cost of designing and implementing your Charity website starts at only £100.00

  • Basic image gallery.
  • Basic contact form.
  • Social Media integration. (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Online donation button.
  • Mobile / Tablet responsive design.
  • Standard “Website Disclaimer” page.
  • Standard “Terms & Conditions” page.
  • Standard “Privacy Policy” page. (Only required if you are collecting personal information from others using your website).
  • Your website will be built using WordPress, which is a CMS (Content Management System). Of which you can keep updated yourself, or for a small fee I can keep updating your content and images as and when required.


Websites can be built on Bootstrap 4, html, css and javascript or if you wish, you can take control of your own website content to keep it updated with a minimal amount of effort, using a powerful but simple to use Content Management System (CMS) WordPress, that will enable you to update the site content yourself if required.

The Content Management System runs without any need to install any additional apps or software on your computer. Which means you can edit your website content using any computer that has internet access.

All site updates are made in real time, meaning that the new information is instantly updated on your website.

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