Approximate costs of Domain Name, Hosting Package and SSL


Domain Name


Web Hosting


Secure your website
with SSL
With SSL becoming standard for all websites, it’s absolutely vital to ensure your visitors and customers have the highest level of trust in your brand.

Protect your online business
The day to day running of an online business consists of storing and sending all manner of sensitive information such as credit and debit card numbers, passwords and address details. The consequences of any of this data falling into the wrong hands are disastrous – not just for your customers, but for your business!
Let your customers be assured that their personal information is securely handled when browsing and shopping on your website.




SSL Certificates

  • Give your visitors confidence with the green lock in your address bar
  • Search engines like Google favour sites that are secured with SSL and will push them higher in search results.
  • Improve consumer trust to help boost sales with SSL certification
  • Protect your site and customers with up to 256-bit encryption
  • The SSLs use SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to protect all sensitive data transmitting from the browser to the web server. It’s the strongest encryption on the market today and it is virtually uncrackable.
  • In addition to the HTTPS and lock icon, the SSLs also include McAfee SECURE. Clean websites can display the McAfee trustmark on every page to reassure visitors that your site is safe.
  • Google favors HTTPS-encrypted websites and will push them higher in search results. So a SSL not only protects your customers but helps you find more of them.


When shopping online you would have almost certainly come across SSL security in action already. An SSL secured website will show the green padlock symbol in your address bar, and the URL will also invariably start with “https://” instead of just “http://”.

If you require a SSL secured website, please state at the time of enquiry.


Payment Terms

A 50% payment is requested in advance for all websites purchased, to cover costs involved in setting up a Clients website.  Work will commence upon receipt of the payment.

In the event that the Client makes the payment and within 7 days decides not to proceed with the website design, then a refund will be issued but a cancellation fee equivalent to 25% of the quotation will be incurred by the Client (provided that work has not yet commenced).

In the event that the Client makes the payment and decides not to proceed with the website design after 7 days, or if work has commenced on the website design, no refund shall be made to the Client although “Fountain Web Design” has the discretion to make a refund subject to pro-rata adjustment dependent on how much of the website has been completed.

Additional work requested by the Client which is not specified in the agreed quotation is subject to a separate quotation and “Fountain Web Design” reserves the right whether to quote or accept additional work.  If additional work is accepted by “Fountain Web Design”, it may affect the timescale and overall delivery time of the project.

All payments to be made through [] to my PayPal account must be made in pounds sterling.

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All prices are subject to change.