Domain Name and Hosting Provision

Registering and Managing a Domain Name
In order to take as much of the stress of setting up an internet presence off clients’ shoulders, “Fountain Web Design” will happily register and administer the relevant domain name or names for the client, including setting up the nameserver in association with your website/s.

Prior to the expiry of your initial registration period [normally a minimum of 1 year] you will be sent a reminder to renew your domain name and hosting for a further period of 1 year or more.

This way you do not have to worry about “losing” your domain name/s and/or the hosting of your site/s, providing you pay the relevant renewal charges a week prior to the due date of expiry. This will normally be included with the annual hosting renewal notice.

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Hosting Space
Once your domain name is registered and I start building your website. Your website will be installed on a modern and secure Linux based server with a fast network connection and the most up to date versions of all relevant software, this arrangement ensures that “Fountain Web Design” hosted sites benefit in terms of speed, security and up-time at minimum cost to you the client.

The current hosting fee for the vast majority of my clients is approximately £60 per annum (if you website is going to be exceptionally large or resource hungry the fee may be higher, but you will be told if it will cost more at the time of site development/construction).

Stages of website design
I will let you know as soon as I complete the home page for your approval, only then will I start on the second page, again wait for your approval and respectively with subsequent pages.

  1. Home Page/Landing Page
  2. Second and subsequent pages
  3. Your website live after full payment has been received

After your website has been launched – Maintaining your Site
Regular website maintenance can be key to maximising return visits by both current and potential customers and clients. A neglected site results in not only outdated information, in other words a lack of anything new to attract visitors and search engines, but also the chance of outdated technologies still running [eg. Flash] which may not be compatible with modern devices. Altogether your business may be giving an essentially unprofessional impression.

Domain names and hosting by clients
If clients decides to obtain their own Domain name and Hosting, it is the clients responsibilities to make sure the website and accounts are secure on the server. In the event of a security breach such as hacking, “Fountain Web Design” reserve the right to delete the account if the client does not fix the breach in a reasonable time frame.

Because many events and circumstances are beyond the control of “Fountain Web Design”, “Fountain Web Design” does not in any way warrant or otherwise guarantee the availability of the system or servers and is not responsible for any delay or loss of data, lack of connection, slow connection, or any other such issues whether due to the active or passive negligence of  “Fountain Web Design”.

Until “Fountain Web Design” receives confirmation of registration, they cannot guarantee that the domain name requested by the Client will be available for registration.  By requesting “Fountain Web Design” to register a domain name, the Client is responsible for ensuring its use and the way in which it is used (directly or indirectly), does not infringe the legal rights of any third party.

The client agrees to take all legal responsibility for use of third party domain name, hosting and email services and hereby agrees to indemnify “Fountain Web Design” from any claim resulting from the Client’s publication of material and use of the domain name, hosting and email services.

Any support or payment due relating to the domain name, hosting and email services are to be made between the Client and the third party service.

The client agrees to pass on FTP details and any other access details relating to their domain name and hosting account which “Fountain Web Design” requires to upload the web site if required as part of a project.

“Fountain Web Design” reserves the right without notice to refuse work with domain names or hosting and email services without reason for such rejection or refusal.